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Yellow leaves and brown leaf spots as they may be an indication that Betel palm is too dry. If the leaves are too yellow it could be due to too much fertilizer or fertilizing too often. Some brown leaf tips are normal. Don’t be tempted to trim brown tips as this may stop the growth of the frond; just remove it completely.

Betel palm grow best in relatively small pots. Don‘t re-pot unnecessarily. Re-pot in spring only if root growth begins to push the plant out of its pot. Perhaps every 3 years for a mature plant. Top dress annually once the pot has reached optimal size.

Betel palm very rarely flowers potted or indoors but should you be so lucky you may see small bright yellow flowers that grow from beneath the leaves.

Betel palm care is quite easy. They appreciate humid conditions and would do well on a tray of wet pebbles. A daily mist will help keep pests at bay. Clean fronds from time to time with wet cloth so your palm can ‘breathe’. They are sensitive to salts and minerals so do not use softened water. Let water sit overnight so the chlorine and fluoride will evaporate and water temperature will be same as room temperature so there will be no shock from cold water from the tap.

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Plants Encyclopdias
Plants Encyclopdias
Name: Betel palm
Latin: Areca catechu
Origin: Asia
Plant height: 100 - 250 cm
Reproduction: #Seeds
Difficulty level: #Easy
Tags: #Asia #Arecacatechu

Betel palm
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