Fabulous Fall Containers


The growing session isn’t over just because summer is winding down… one of the best ways to keep your garden space vibrant is to use fall containers. And most of you who have been reading TGG awhile know that I like to do things just a little different from the crowd, so our choices here are not the average pot o’ mums! So with inspiring combinations and plant suggestions, let’s let the photos (ok, and a few suggestions from us!) do the talking! Fabulous fall containers!

First, some tips…

1. Use grasses. Height, texture, movement… and they look great all winter. (Before you ask, this one is ‘Pennisetum’ “Fireworks”.)

2. Use Kale. Pretty! And, it lasts right through frost, and even snow! Look for larger, colorful varieties at your nursery. Don’t buy the 4 inch pots from the grocery store nursery section. Big difference.

3. Use something other than plants to take it out of the “snooze” zone. An unusual container, adding pumpkins or squash to the container, using branches or other natural items as “accessories”… This also allows you to buy far fewer plants by filling space with other things of interest.

4. Don’t stop watering/ fertilizing…

5. Pack ’em in tight, because they won’t have a long, warm season of fast growth to fill in.Now, on with the inspiration!

From landscape designer Deborah Silver, and her blog ‘Dirt Simple‘, these two fall containers epitomize the use of grasses, kale and unusual containers… Check out her blog, they do amazing work! A bunch of inspiring photos!

From ‘VSF, New York‘, this florist created basket container is the coolest thing around. Branches, moss and a pumpkin keep company with Kale and Mums… anything but ordinary!

From ‘BHG’, three plants, simple container, easy to duplicate!

Lucy at ‘Craftberry Bush‘ did an amazing job on her fall front porch! Check out her use of grasses, containers, Kale and pumpkins… Really professional job!

Another simple design, by ‘Midwest Living’…

From ‘Canadian Gardening‘, this unusual fall window box has my vote for one of a kind! Love the eerie branches!

Use a “Flower Tower” planter, (or DIY one from this video by Home Depot) to grow Kale! Creative!

This homeowner used a tall branch to add height and substance, one licorice plant, and a pumpkin… Love the simpleness, yet so interesting!

Finally, from ‘Pocket Full of Posies Design‘, this planting uses unusual containers to make this mum and grasses front door container really wow.

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