More Garden Containers You Never Thought Of…


One of our most popular posts, “Containers You Never Thought Of” (find it here) was just begging to be repeated, so we spent some time this week searching for even more unique garden container ideas for you. A few of these have good links to them, but honestly a lot of these photos we found on Pinterest, and search as we might, could not find a good source for them. They are so inspirational we couldn’t leave them out! (If you know whose work these belong to, please drop us an email so we can give them proper credit!) So here it is, MORE containers you never thought of! Our featured photo, above…Old fashioned charm. Need I say more? You could find an old tub at a Habitat for Humanity Restore…
Eclectically Vintage has these two great containers on her patio, one being a metal mop bucket and one from an old tool box. Love it!

From Carolyn Keiper’s garden… how charming is this? A trip to Goodwill in order?

From Carolyn Keiper’s garden… how charming is this? A trip to Goodwill in order?

This one speaks for itself…what better way to makeover an old tire swing!

I would plant this one while it lays in a horizontal position, and let the roots take hold for a few weeks before trying to prop it up vertically. I really like this idea!


This one would be a little tough for me…It would be a great project if you could find a string instrument beyond repair… I love the idea of bringing the arts into the garden!

Using natural stones to create unusual containers for the garden would be great for a natural garden style, or something a little more minimalistic.

This is an old chicken feeder filled with hens and chicks… you could easily fill it with herbs as well… What a neat idea for repurposing!

These tool box containers are from Making Art of Life and Confessions of a Curb Shopaholic. Make sure you provide good drainage for these planters, either by drilling holes in the bottom, or lining the bottom with gravel.

These rusty tool container gardens are from Vickie’s Intrigues, and wow, aren’t they awesome? If you try something like this DIY, line the tool opening with moss or coconut fiber before filling with soil and plants.

These rusted tin can containers are a reminder of how anything can be made to look beautiful! I love the color and texture this Burros Tail adds to the planter, great contrast!

Attach rain gutters to a garden wall to replicate this unique container garden. Again, remember the drainage.

Finally, this excellent idea was from Easy Homestead, a blog that no longer exists… I can’t say it enough, drill those drainage holes!

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