Hang It! – DIY Hanging Planters


#Hanging planters work both indoors and out, with garden annuals and with evergreens. Creating your own DIY hanging planters is easy, and it adds character to your home or garden by giving you a unique container. Keep in mind that hanging planters can be heavy, so please use your judgement in choosing hanging materials, and in securing them to a structure. Other than that, anything that holds soil and is light enough to hang is fair game! Here are some DIY tutorials, inspirational photos and ideas to get you started. You can find the instructions for our featured project, above, at Drifter and the Gypsy.

This re-cycled hanging container idea is an easy one to figure out… glue pop container lids on, dip into paint and let dry, then punch holes (I bet a hole punch would work!) and hang with twine.

If you loved our post on garden lighting using insulators, you’re going to love this hanging planter. Pretty simple!

Eclectic Trends offers us this great tutorial on making this contemporary hanging planter with copper pipe and wire. Love the creativity!

For the “cute” in all of us… these polka dot teacups were converted by gluing the saucers to the cups with industrial strength glue (we recommend Gorilla Glue) and using a ceramic tile bit and an drill to create holes for hanging.

Old light fixtures and that same tile bit and drill create these great planters by Lark Books.

This project both recycles, which makes is cool modern, and uses a touch of the past. Love it’s originality. Find the DIY instructions here.

One of my favorites in this post is the DIY mason jar planters! Oh So Very Pretty has the complete instructions. See more mason jar ideas from us here.

So create some hanging planters for your garden! Don’t feel like you have to limit them to the front porch though. Hang them in trees, off brackets on fence posts, or from the top of arbors and decks. Let us know, which one is your favorite?
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