Uses For Sweet Flag Plants – Learn When And How To Harvest Sweet Flag

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Uses for Sweet Flag Plants
The most commonly used part of the sweet flag plant is its rhizome, which can be used to repel insects, scent a room, or give you something tasty and interesting to chew on. The flavor is usually described as spicy and strong, similar to ginger or cinnamon, with a bitter aftertaste. The leaves, too, can be bruised and hung around the room for their pleasant scent.When and How to Harvest Sweet Flag
The best time for harvesting sweet flag is in spring before the new growth starts, or in autumn before the first frost. Sweet flag likes to grow in very wet conditions, like ditches or the shallow parts of streams. This means that harvesting sweet flag is bound to be at least a little messy. In order to get to the rhizomes, dig down at least a foot under the plant. You should be able to pull a big rooty mass out of the ground. This mass is likely to be very muddy. Remove the leaves and wash the roots.The rhizomes are about 0.75 inches in diameter and covered in smaller little rootlets that can be removed. Don’t peel the rhizomes – most of the oils are found near the surface. Sweet flag rhizomes are best stored sliced and dried.
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