Breeding techniques of rhododendron

Rhododendron has always been a favorite flower. I think many people have cultivated rhododendron, and the breeding method of rhododendron may not be clear to many people. Today, I will introduce relevant skills and breeding methods of rhododendron, hoping to bring help to everyone when breeding rhododendron.
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1. The roots of the azalea are as thin as a human hair, with few thick taproot roots. If you water too much, the roots are soaked in water, too dry, branches and leaves atrophy, leaf flap off, the plant is very threatening, as for the heavy fertilizer, it will endanger life.
2, after the flower xie, must cut off the residual flowers, to avoid the consumption of nutrition, after the germination of new branches, appropriate sparse branches, according to the plant growth and decided to stay.
3. Azalea is best planted in the muddy basin, because the devonian absorbs water and breathes, which is conducive to root growth and development, and leaves are luxuriant.
4, potted azalea place place has pay attention to, should put in southeast direction balcony commonly, and want ventilated, move as far as possible little. No ventilation is prone to black spot, a large number of leaves.
5. Rhododendrons should also have appropriate lighting requirements and avoid direct light in summer.
6, in a timely manner, the buds and leaves too much and too close to remove a part of the flower, so that the air circulation, nutrient concentration to the buds. In the bud formation, to increase nutrition, the right amount of potassium phosphate, otherwise the bud will be transformed into leaf bud.
7, azalea leaves and do not bloom the main reasons are: summer direct light is too strong, cold frostbitten, too much watering, fertilization is too thick, put in the indoor time is too long, put in the air circulation or dark damp place, acid rain, so in the process of conservation to avoid these conditions.
8, turn the basin for soil, do not need to be carried out every year, generally every 2 to 3 years, as far as possible to damage the roots, the time should be after the flower or autumn, while spraying topozine, in order to prevent disease.
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