Selecting and Matching of the Flowerpots

As ornamental flowers have become part of home decoration, a better overall visual effect of itself has been pursued. Thus, as part and parcel of the ornamental entirety, the flowerpot is playng an important role. Today, we would like to introduce four different kinds of flowerpots as below, hope you may find the one you like!

1.Glass Flowerpot

This kind of flowerpots seems to be in vogue at the moment. The sense of transparency will light up the room without destroying the original decoration style. Also, this type of flowerpot is welcomed to do DIY planting, not only the plant, but also some small ornaments can be put in. By the way, the succulent is recommended to match this type of flowerpot.

2. Metal flowerpot

Different from the argil and concrete one, the metal flowerpot is not only light in weight but also durable and solid. This kind of flowerpot can satisfy your concise style requirements.

3. Woven basket

Woven basket of mixed flowers fit perfectly on a coffee table or kitchen counter, which will bring some artistic effect to your home.

4. Recycling of Waste

In our life, many things are leaving unused, a kettle, a glass or any other containers. You can remould them to be flowerpots! It's a eco-friendly way to do so and this idea can also save your money.
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