Six Unique Ideas For Balcony Gardening

Hi everybody, today I'm going to introduce 6 ideas for balcony gardening, come and try!

1. Sunny Side

This balcony garden is sunny and bright! Citrus trees love the sun, making a sunny balcony the ideal location for growing your own fruit. This creative balcony garden proves you do not need matching pots to be a stunning area. The plants are offered protection from the sun by the white umbrella secured to the balcony railing. From the collection of play toys to the red and white striped fabric shade, this is also a space to share with a child. The addition of the hanging light over the café table allows this balcony to be used even at night!

2. Tiny Park

Is a tiny yard and garden on your balcony possible? When creating a balcony garden design you can have both! Using AstroTurf on your balcony floor, you are able to create a yard in the city or on your apartment balcony. Colorful, yet edible kale is showcased in wooden crates. Hanging garden boxes provide additional growing space on the balcony railing in this design. With the predominantly green landscape, the pop of fuchsia color from the flower is a nice addition. Even the tiny herbs have a home in the small terra cotta pots lining the side of this balcony!

3. Modern Comfort

Modern meets comfort in this beautiful balcony garden decor. Elements of home design have been carried through to this balcony. When combining home design with the outdoors, it’s important to bring home décor to the space. With the pillow, blanket, and serving tray this balcony garden has done just that! Aside from the wicker chair, this space doesn’t feature typical outdoor furniture. A stool is used as a plant display and a rope covered ottoman keeps the home décor feel alive. Keeping with the theme, the rug breaks up the modern gray on this balcony adding yet another visual element of comfort.

4. The Secret Garden

Sometimes you need a retreat you can escape to. This serene balcony garden is reminiscent of a secret Victorian garden with the ivy growing along the stone wall. Including a stone angel statue further confirms the feel. Growing trees in pots is a great way to add vertical elements. This design also incorporates stacking pots for added height. In this balcony garden design, rosemary is in bloom creating a delightful smell as well as adding a touch of purple color. The modest café table ensures a nice place to sit for coffee, tea, or simply a place to rest.

5. Italian Flair

Inspired by an Italian window garden, this colorful balcony proves you can make a dramatic impact in a small space. Although there isn’t enough room for a table or chairs, this beautiful display of showy petunias is a showstopper. Window boxes are hung on the outside of the balcony where they can easily be seen from below. This design incorporates smaller pots on the inside of the balcony floor to grow greenery. By adding the greenery, a nice backdrop is provided for the petunias creating a seamless flow. Even the wall behind the balcony was used to display the beautiful flowers.

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