How to Grow Pumpkins Indoors

1. Find a plastic, disposable cup.
Fill it with compost or natural fertilizer. Using your fingers, dig a small hole into the compost/natural fertilizer.

2. Place three seeds about half an inch down.
Make sure they're not in too deep before covering the hole with the fertilizer once more.

3. Water the pumpkin seeds every other day.
However, make sure the soil doesn't get too wet. Otherwise, the seeds will die.

4. Wait a few weeks until all the pumpkin seeds have sprouted.
Then, transplant them into clay pots. However, be careful not to disturb the pumpkin roots - they might go into shock and die.

5. Put in six foot dowel rods next to the pumpkins in the clay pots.
The tendrils of the pumpkin plants will then coil around the dowel rods. After a while, the pumpkins will produce blossoms, which is a sign that they will be ready soon.

6. Pollinate the blossoms.
Since your pumpkin plants are indoors and have no access to pollination by bees or other insects, you are in charge of pollinating blossoms so that your plants can produce pumpkins.

7. Make sure your plant gets enough light and water.
Ensure this especially when fruit develops from the blossoms.

8. Harvest your pumpkins. Once the they have turned the mature color, they are ready to be collected. Cut off the pumpkin about two inches above the pumpkin's top. via.wikihow

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