10 Best Fall Plants and Flowers to Beautify Your Yard This Season

Summer may go away, but your flowerbeds won’t! Flex your green thumb this autumn with beautiful flowers and plants to bring vibrant colors everyday. You’ll love fall decorations like wreaths, garlands, pumpkins, gourds and fresh flowers.Don’t retire your gardening tools now, because these fall blooms need to make an appearance outside your home and you'll reap the rewards of your planting in cold months.

These daisy-like flowers love lots of sunlight and water. They'll be blooming until almost winter.
Zones: 3-8

Chrysanthemums bloom in tons of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They're perfect for container gardening—so fear not if you don't have room for a big garden.
Zones: 5-9

Grow this popular herb and use it as a garnish for any dish.
Zones: 4-9
4-Winter Pansies
As evidenced by the name, winter pansies can hold their own once temps start to drop—but time your planting accordingly. These florals need to be in the soil with time to spare before the weather hits 45 degrees F or below.
Zones: 6 and above
Take this amazing herb off your fall holiday grocery list! You can plant the freshest rosemary it in your own backyard.
Zones: 9-11 as perennials, 1-8 as annuals
6-Cyclamen Hederifolium
A popular hardy perennial, cyclamen hederifolium blooms in the fall.
Zones: 5-9
7-Purple Fountain Grass
This grass is a perfect pairing for other fall flowers like pansies, rudbeckia and flowering kale. Put it in the back of the garden to show off shorter stems.
Zones: 1-8
8-Ornamental Kale
Keep this kale well-watered if you want to see vibrant purple and green hues this fall.
Zones: 6-11
9-Witch Hazel
Growing this shrub is practically maintenance-free, and its bark extract is a well-known healing remedy for skin.
Zones: 5-8
10-Ornamental Peppers
These plants embody all the colors of fall in one punch. Not for human consumption, these fiery little peppers add a bit of flare to your fall garden.
Zones: 9-11
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