Genius Ways to Turn Junk into Enchanting Garden

Have you ever thought about using rusty milk cans, chicken feeders, or galvanized mop buckets to grow plants?

Blogger Carlene Blair has created quite the oasis for herself right outside her door. This gorgeous garden is anything but "junky."She insisted in repurposing old junk into planters! It's a great hobby combining love of flower gardening with junking.

Let’s find out how she's going to top this!

Blair's very first junk garden piece is this old wheelbarrow bursting with Marguerite daisies and nicotiana.

Have you ever seen such an assortment of trash-to-treasure planters?

The wild, abandoned look of this old typewriter in the bed of succulents is amazing.

In her front yard, perennials and annuals spill out of watering cans and funnels and off the steps of a ladder.

A whitewashed bench holds galvanized buckets and a toolbox, which are adorably stenciled.

What was once a gun rack is now attached to an old barn door and used to hold vintage garden tools.

Even a bike can be a beautiful planter.

This "Flower Market" sign is made of two spindle legs and a weathered piece of barn siding.

Last year, Blair tackled this project: repurposing a children's swing into a flower pot holder.

Rusty milk cans, chicken feeders, and galvanized mop buckets were given new life as planters.

As were these scavenged coffee pots, which are mounted on stakes.
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