12 Best Colorful Winter Flowers for Your Garden

Winter is coming! But,whether you live in North or South, not everything in your garden will be asleep from December to March. Even in the coldest days, many annual flowers, perennial flowers, and flowering shrubs don’t wait to show off. And in mild climates, some winter flowers—like pansies, violas, and ornamental kale and cabbages—will bloom all season long.

Before setting your heart on any of these beauties, make sure you’ll be able to give a plant what it needs, such as full sun or shade. Pay attention to planting times too. Most winter bloomers, including bulbs, need put in the ground in the fall.

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1.English Primrose
While some varieties bloom in spring or summer, English primroses show in winter. Red, pink, purple, yellow, or white flowers with mounds of deep green foliage cover this plant.

2.Algerian Iris
Unlike other iris plants in your garden, this lesser-known variety blooms in winter to early spring! Its delicate silvery-purple blooms have a sweet fragrance.

Sweet little cup-like flowers pop their heads up in late winter to early spring. These bulbs do tend to attract rodents, so don’t be surprised if they bloom somewhere other than where you planted them. Your rodent friends like to dig them up and replant elsewhere to store as food!

4. Pussy Willow
The little fuzzy flowers on these shrubs aren’t bright and showy like a lot of winter bloomers. But they display their considerable charms when winter snow is still on the ground,as a sign that spring is coming.

Like their relatives, violas, pansies offer brilliant color in early spring. They’ll survive a light frost and bloom for most of the winter in mild climates.

6.Winter Jasmine
This shrub has pretty, yellow flowers on arching branches in late winter. It doesn’t have a fragrance like other types of jasmine, but it does offer a bright splash of sunshine in winter.

These pretty, delicate-looking perennials in pinks, whites, and fuchsia are often sold as houseplants. But in mild climates, they do well as ground covers. They like to be under deciduous trees so they can soak up winter sun.

8.Winter Aconite
These happy little yellow blooms will pop up through the snow. Bonus: Deer and rodents usually leave these alone. Plant these bulbs in fall.

The brightly colored, charming violas are a welcome sight on chilly mornings. In mild climates, they’ll last all winter long. They self-seed freely, so you’ll get more baby plants in subsequent years.

When cold weather strikes, this plant bursts with bright red berries that add cheery color to the evergreen shrubs. Clip some to bring for holiday cheer, but beware the sharp leaves!

Adorable, drooping white and green flowers appear in late winter, often while there’s still snow. Plant a bunch of them, and get these bulbs in the ground in fall for winter blooms.

Daffodils are usually seen as one of the first signs of spring, they will begin growing as early as February. Don't worry about snow or freezing temperatures harming the foliage, they're extremely cold hardy.

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