8 Best DIY Ideas to Carve Pumpkin Faces

When it comes to Halloween decorations, nothing is better than a collection of DIY jack-o'-lanterns. You can use them to decorate your porch to greet trick-or-treaters or light up your windowsills every night.This Halloween, rather than the classic ghoulish grin and eyes, think about these creative pumpkin faces ideas.
Dress up your farmhouse with pumpkins designed with the help of a few easy-to-find craft supplies. We will get you covered with pumpkin faces that'll outshine all the others in the neighborhood.

Dress up your farmhouse with pumpkins designed with the help of a few easy-to-find craft supplies. We will get you covered with pumpkin faces that'll outshine all the others in the neighborhood.

1. Owl Pumpkin
Look to nature for many of the materials needed to craft this wise fella.
Make the pumpkin: Hot-glue two white (lumina) pumpkins together to create the head and body. For each eye, cut out a small brown felt circle, then glue a slightly smaller yellow button on top, followed by an even smaller brown button. Hot-glue eyes to top pumpkin. Create loops from a thin twig and tie in place with wax twine to create eye-glasses shape. Hot-glue fir sprigs to glasses to create eyebrows. Spray-paint two oak leaves and a baby pinecone a similar color to pumpkin. Hot-glue leaves to pumpkin to create wings and pinecone to create a nose. Make a bow tie from plaid ribbon. Hot-glue to pumpkin.

2. Rickrack Pumpkin Face
No carving necessary to create this sweet pumpkin face.
Make the pumpkin: Lightly draw a simple pumpkin face on a pumpkin. Use lengths of black rickrack to cover the drawing, attaching it with hot-glue. Attach small white buttons to the corner of each eye with hot-glue. Cut pumpkin-shaped leaves from green felt and lengths of green rickrack to create tendrils; attach at the base of the pumpkin stem with hot-glue.

3. Bunny Pumpkin Face
Every-bunny will love seeing this adorable decoration.
Make the pumpkin: Use ears and top nose templates to trace on gray felt and cut out. Trace the separate nose on pink felt and cut out, sizing accordingly. Hot-glue the pink nose on the center of a white pumpkin. Using craft glue, attach twigs from wheat stalks to the back of the gray nose top. Glue on top of the pink button, overlapping slightly. Outline the bottom of the nose with brown twine and attach with hot glue. Attach the ears and acorn tops for eyes with hot glue.

4.Deer Pumpkin Face
Thanks to yarn-wrapped tree branches, this woodland decoration looks just like the real deal.
Make the pumpkin: Use a plain white pumpkin (like Lumina) as the base. Assemble tree branches and tightly wrap assorted colors of yarn in color block patterns. Secure loose yarn ends with hot-glue. To attach the antlers, drill two holes into the upper third of the pumpkin, keeping the drill bit angled down so antlers stick up, not out. Attach button eyes, a triangle felt nose, and pinched felt triangle ears with hot-glue.

5. Friendly Fox Pumpkin
Stand the variegated squash straight up. Break five skewers in half and stick them into the back of the squash where the tail should sit, leaving 2" exposed. Press the bell-shaped orange gourd into the skewers at the back of the squash to secure as the tail.
Break four skewers in half and press them into the top of the squash body, leaving 2" exposed. Position a small pumpkin so the stem is centered where the nose should sit and push down on the skewers to secure. With the tip of the craft knife, etch out a thin smile by scraping away just the top layer of rind. To create eye sockets, etch slightly deeper holes. Remove the caps of two large acorns. Flip each cap curved-side out and press into the sockets.
Remove the caps of slightly smaller acorns. Apply a dot of hot glue to each acorn and affix to the eye socket caps as pupils. Using the craft knife, cut the small pumpkin into quarters (slice in half horizontally, then in half vertically), scraping away any excess flesh with the spoon.
Rinse and clean a handful of seeds. Pat dry and set aside. Cut pointy ears from two of the pumpkin quarters and press into the pumpkin head with a skewer (break, as needed), allowing the fleshy side to face forward. Turn the remaining pumpkin quarters face down and use the hot glue to affix three pumpkin seeds to each to resemble claws. Secure to the body with skewers (break, as needed).

6. Pineapple Pumpkin Faces
We can't imagine a more perfect jack-o'-lantern idea for anyone living in a warmer area—though this totally works on the East Coast as well! A simple pair of sunglasses is all you need.

7. Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Faces
Pair off your pumpkins with quirky his and hers looks—which, might also bear hilarious resemblance to Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. They'll work perfectly with your imaginative DIY costumes.

8. No-Carve Pumpkin People Faces
Use your family and friends as inspiration to create a gaggle of pumpkin faces!

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