10 Cute Cake Pop Recipes That'll Make Christmas Magical

When it comes to baking up sweet homemade treats, there's really no time like Christmas. There are a lot of Christmas desserts to choose between when planning out your holiday baking schedule. You can make Christmas cakes, gingerbread houses or dozens of other gingerbread recipes, you can make pies, and even creative eggnog recipes.

The presentation options are endless too. Lay them out on a nice Christmas tray, stick them in a festive vase, or fill a clear bottle with sprinkles or fake snow to hold them steady.

1.Chocolate Peppermint Cake Pops

2.Snowmen Cake Pops
Decorate this Frosty-inspired sweet with different snowmen faces.

Decorate this Frosty-inspired sweet with different snowmen faces.

3.Tri-Colored Christmas Cake Pops
One bite of this dessert reveals a beautiful white, green, and red cake hidden inside.

4.Pretty Present Pops
There's no sweeter gift than a tray or two of these personalized presents.

5.Cake Pops Four Ways
Pick your poison! This blogger offers recipes for snowmen, reindeer, Christmas tree, and ornament cake pops.

6.Christmas Tree Cake Pops
Make these trees like a normal cake pop, except form it into a cone instead of a ball. Then decorate however you'd like with colorful candies!

7.Red, Green, and White Christmas Cake Pops
Keep it simple with these Christmas-colored cake pops—and feel free to be generous with the sprinkles!

8.Christmas Character Oreo Cake Pops
Kids will love these Oreo cake pops because of the cast of adorable characters they can choose from.

9.Candy Cane Cake Pops
Is there any better decoration during the holidays than candy canes? These red and white cake pops prove there's no competition.

10.Easy Christmas Cake Pops
It might look intricate, but this idea is actually super simple thanks to store-bought Christmas candy.

Do it now, and enjoy your christmas~!

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