7 DIY Winter Decorations To Warm Up Winter Days

Christmas has passed, but you don't have to pack up all your holiday decorations for the season. There are still lots of DIY winter decorations that will add festive touches to your home right on until the warmer weather.

Once you’ve decided what direction to take your winter decoration ideas, you'll probably end up adding some fun winter activities to your list.

1.Yarn-Wrapped Vases
Wrap plain glass vases with strands of yarn, and thread with wood knitting needles. For more textured strands, braid lengths of yarn and tie around vases. Add ranunculuses, baby’s breath, snowberries, and twigs.

2.Winterberries and Greenery
One easy way to spruce up any table: Arrange winterberries and evergreen branches in a galvanized bucket. Here, a simple garland also adds a wintery touch to a country hutch.

3.Wintery Wreath
A simple wreath of pine cones, fresh greenery, and a few white flowers makes a versatile piece you can showcase above a fireplace all winter long.

4. Wintertime Porch Decor
An evergreen tree, branches, and berries make for a merry welcome when styled in vintage galvanized buckets. You can even save a few bucks by using actual sleds instead of props.

5.Stoneware Crock Decoration
This bundle of birch logs, berries, and Christmas tree clippings will look perfect in the foyer. Add a string of lights for extra sparkle.

6.Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars
Snow texture paint, pinecones, Mason jars, and twine come together to create DIY winter luminaries.

7.Birch Candles
Want to add some oomph to an empty space? Create a cluster of birch candlestick holders and place on a hutch or entryway table.

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