15 Best Early Spring Flowers to Plant in Your Garden

If you’re tired of all those dull grays and browns in your garden, take heart: Spring is on the way! Actually, many annuals, perennials, and shrubs offer their finest shows in early spring.

Many early bloomers are tough enough to handle a frost or two—or even a freakishly late spring snowstorm! But before you buy anything, read the plant tag or description so you’ll be sure you have the right conditions.
For example, full sun means at least six hours of direct sunlight per day; part sun is about half that. Shade means that an area doesn’t get any direct sunlight. Don’t forget that if you’re planting shrubs or perennials, which come back every year, they must be suited to survive winters in your region.

And pay attention to the mature size of plants in descriptions. A tiny six-inch potted plant eventually grows up, so give it plenty of space to spread so it won't crowd your other plantings or need moved.

Here are some of the best early spring flowers for your garden.
Also called galanthus, these bulbs must be planted in the fall for an early springtime show, often appearing when snow is still on the ground in northern climates. Part shade to shade.
2. Pansy and Viola
These charming annuals come in every shade of the rainbow, and their tiny “faces” are adorable. Plant violas and pansies in pots, baskets, and window boxes to brighten your early spring garden. Some types rebound in the fall or drop seeds to pop up again on their own next spring. Full sun.
3.Flowering Quince
This beautiful shrub is one of the first to bloom in spring in shades of pink, red, or peach. It works well as a border planting. Newer varieties are thornless so they're easier to handle. Full sun.
Every spring garden needs these sunny yellow blooms! They come in sizes ranging from six inches to two feet tall, and they bloom at different times from early to late spring. Plant in fall for spring blooms next year and for many seasons afterward. Group bulbs together in bunches for the most dramatic effect instead of planting single bulbs. Full sun.
These early spring bloomers have gorgeous, almost unreal-looking blossoms. There are many different types of magnolias, some which are evergreen and some which are deciduous, which means they shed their leaves. Many deciduous types of magnolias bloom before they’ve even leafed out again. Because there are so many different types, make sure to select one that's suited to your USDA Hardiness zone. Full sun to part shade.
6.Grape Hyacinth
The delicate grape-scented blooms, also called muscari, top out at four to six inches tall, so they look great in rock gardens or along the front of beds. Plant them in the fall for spring blooms next year. They naturalize readily, so every year you’ll have more of these dainty little flowers. Full sun to part sun.
The tiny open-faced blooms of this lesser-known cool season annual come in pleasing springtime shades of pink, peach, and white. Plant them with other spring bloomers in pots or as a ground cover. They fade when it gets hot. Full sun to part shade.
Bell-shaped flowers come in deep shades of purple, pink, white, and red on this lesser-known spring charmer. Plant fritallaria in the fall for dramatic blooms next spring. Full sun.
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