Best BackyaBest Backyard Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

Let's face it: We're all spending way more time at home these days, so it's more important than ever to make our backyards welcoming and special. And in northern climates, we need to make the most of those precious few warm weather months! Any backyard can be made a little cozier with our best tips and tricks for making your space more beautiful, useful and fun. And you don't need to spend a lot of money or hire a landscape designer to make over your backyard. With these simple ideas, you can create a restful oasis for you and your entire family (pets included).

These creative ideas will help you make home sweet home even sweeter!
1.Install a Fire Pit

Heat things up this summer with a fire pit—either one you DIY or purchase. And don't forget to stock up on tons of s'mores fixings!

2.Welcome Hummingbirds to Your Garden

We promise: It's so worth it! These little gems will make you smile as the zoom by and perform amazing aerial acrobatics! They beat their wings 50 times per minute and need to eat every 10 to 15 minutes, so providing them with a feeder helps supplement their diets.
Choose a feeder that's easy to clean. Make your own nectar with 1/4 cup plain white sugar and one cup boiling water. There's no need to add red dye, which can harm the birds. Don't use honey or any other kinds of sugar, which contain too much iron. Cool the nectar, then fill your feeder, and wait for the show to begin.

3.Hang a Tree Swing

A tree swing just says summertime! Watch how often you'll want to swing on it yourself!

4.Add Adirondack Chairs

When it comes to lounging around, there's no better place to do it than in an Adirondack chair. That might be why we instantly equate the timeless accessory with summertime. Fill your patio or backyard up with multiple chairs, add some cozy blankets, and you'll be crowned the hostess of the year in no time.

5.Camp Out Under the Stars

This summer just begs for a campout, and why not in your own backyard? It's inexpensive and easy! Map out a designated corner, roll out your sleeping bags, set the mood with string lights, and gather around the fire pit for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Even the grownups will have fun with this idea!

6.Repurpose a Stock Tank As a Pool

The stock tank pool is the perfect way to cool off without the sweat (and expense) of an in-ground pool installation.

7.Build a Treehouse

For those who would rather enjoy the backyard from a higher altitude, Treehouse Supplies offers easy building plans and materials. Come on, you know you want one!

8.Set Up a Potting Station

Two metal trash cans and an old door make an inexpensive but totally functional (and adorable!) potting station.

9.Decorate a Chic Shed

You can easily transform a basic backyard shed into a gorgeous space—complete with a barn quilt—in just 48 hours. Start by hanging checkered fabric by installing a rope across the peak of the shed and draping the fabric over using a staple gun to attach fabric to the walls (this shed required about 30 yard of fabric). Then hang an upholstered blue couch to create a unique seating area. And finish the shed by accessorizing with a bar cart, rug, and decorative baskets and plants.

10.DIY Sandbox
A sandbox is a great place for kids of all ages to play. You can make one inexpensively with basic supplies from the hardware store!

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