A popular succulent variety

Miss Chen
As a novice, I recommend some more popular and relatively easy-to-breed varieties. You can use small pots to raise single plants in a single room, or you can group pots to grow plants with similar habits. If you are a fighter in general cargo, you are strongly recommended to buy these two varieties. The price of real cabbage is a big surprise, and you will not die no matter how you raise it.

1. White Peony

White peonies are tender and tender when they are raised. In the past two years, South Korea brought white peonies of superb quality to the country and sold them at high prices, posing as new varieties. However, because the variety is still relatively general, the temperature difference and light requirements are relatively high if you want to grow a particularly good color. The main surprise that white peony brings is that it is super easy to live.

2. Givalian

White peony is alive as soon as it is inserted, and Jivalian is basically red as soon as it is exposed to the sun, and it is shining with a little sunshine. In autumn and winter, almost half of the leaves are red tips, which is especially beautiful. And even though it is a common product, Jiwalian rarely grows excessively. In summer, the leaves will elongate and the plant shape is scattered. Most of the time, it is very compact. The magnificent and charming type in everyone's impression, Succulents are always chubby and chubby, but not all of them. Succulents also have romantic varieties like roses.

3. Mountain rose

The rose among the succulents is the mountain rose. The thin leaves are layered on top of each other, rolling out a beautiful heart like a rose, which is very beautiful. Mountain roses are talking about this type of plant, not the name of the variety. In this type of plant, there will be a variety of small roses with petals of different shapes. However, although the plant type is very beautiful, mountain roses are more difficult to produce color, and they are usually green.

4. Lina Lian

Lina is also a very common general product, because of its unique leaf shape, it has almost become a must-have for the group of pots. In many varieties with round leaves, it can play a good role in adjusting, and Lina is very easy to use. Color, in addition to the unavoidable turning green in summer, other seasons can easily become the kind of light pink that is very girly. However, Lina's words are a bit like white peony. It lives no matter what, but it is a variety that is easier to grow. For the color control, the delicate pink series must not be overlooked. Every year in autumn and winter, these pink varieties are simply going to be beautiful.

5. Debbie

The pink variety is a classic must-have. It grows fast, and is not so easy to grow. It is easier to control the plant type and color, and novices can also grow beautiful.

6, peach eggs

The characteristic of a good variety is that even if the conditions are not adequate, the appearance of the plant will still be good. In terms of price, peach eggs are no longer in the ranks of general merchandise, but the genes of good varieties make them tender and tender almost all year round, and they are not easy to grow. After a long time, the peach egg will become a very beautiful old pile, which is collected by almost every high-level player. Noble and glamorous type In nature, blue plants are relatively rare, whether they are flowers or leaves, so blue succulents are generally quite popular. The white whale almost loses every blue, and it really feels too beautiful.
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