How to save the fleshy flesh?

Miss Chen
Legitimacy is common for novices, so you don't have to blame yourself. However, it is a pity that succulents are irreversible, and it is impossible to restore the succulents to their original appearance. Fortunately, we can rescue it again! After Succulents grow up, there are two options: one is to let Succulents continue to be disciples and ignore it. After the baptism of the wind and the sun, succulents will become fake. It's the kind of old stake with a long pole and a little green on the head! Of course, it takes a long time for succulents to become fake stubs. If you can't stand the ugliness during this period, there is only another option: behead your head! What is succulent beheading? "Head beheading" is actually the "top bud picking" in crop production, which is called "top advantage" in botany. During the growth and development of plants, there is a close relationship between the apical buds and the lateral buds. When the apical bud grows vigorously, it secretes growth hormone and inhibits the growth of the lateral bud. If for some reason the top buds stop growing, the side buds will grow quickly. This phenomenon of preferential growth of apical buds and inhibition of the development of lateral buds is called "apical dominance". Therefore, when the top bud is knocked out, many side buds will naturally emerge. This is also the quickest way to solve the problem of overgrowth of succulents and make one plant grow into multiple plants.
Schematic diagram:

Schematic diagram:

Trilogy of beheading: the first step: select the position to be beheaded and cut. Step 2: Remove 2 to 4 leaves from the base of the cut head, so that the cut head can be pierced into the soil to take root, and the base after the cut head stays in the original pot. After trimming, place it in a ventilated place to dry the roots. Step 3: Insert the wound-healed head into the new soil, and the head will regain its compact beauty. Tips: The broken leaves are used for leaf inserts, and each leaf gives birth to a new life. The old roots after decapitation will have many side branches and form long heads due to the removal of the apical advantage.

The key to a variable plant after beheading is: 1. Removing the leaves from the lower part of the cutting can effectively reduce the chance of wound rot. 2. Cut off the fleshy head, don't touch anything in the wound, and wait for his wound to heal. 3. After cutting the heads, place them in glassware for rooting. Oversized containers may cause the lower end of the multi-headed paper to curl. There is no need to water, and the humidity of the air in the vessel is completely sufficient.

Not only will the succulents grow more luxuriant and cute after the head is cut off, but also the new heads and leaves can be used for reproduction. Today, a cruel knife will be made, and tomorrow will be luxuriant! There are two main points in the skill of putting out profligacy: First, don't water too much, and then water after the soil is dry. Two more basking in the sun, don't pass the glass!
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