How long can the succulents in the pots be basking in the sun!

Miss Chen
Now more and more flower friends are no longer blindly raising succulents, but are prepared to maintain them. Today we will talk about how long the succulents are in the sun after they are potted. In fact, this involves a process of slowing down the seedlings, and This process is also very important for the balcony family to raise succulents, because the slow seedling is not good, and the succulents in the back will wilt and wither more and more, and then reprocess the pots to form a vicious circle.

Generally speaking, the succulents can be basked in the sun about 1 week after they are potted, but it is not directly placed in a well-lit place to bask in the sun, but step by step. Let’s briefly talk about the process of potting the succulents that we bought.

For newly bought succulents, we first clean up the old soil of the root system. You can swing the roots back and forth in the water basin. When you see the white root system, it is enough. It is not recommended to rinse with a tap. After washing off the old soil, we can properly repair the roots and cut off some of the withered roots. If you think the roots are healthy, you don’t need to cut them. The following is disinfection. If you can, you can use potassium permanganate and multi-bacteria. Soak a solution such as Ling, Chlorothalonil, if you don’t have it, you don’t need to soak!

Put the succulents in a cool place to dry. It doesn’t take too long to feel that the roots are not watery, usually about 2 hours, and then it’s potted. The succulents do not need to be watered after potting. To explain, if the soil we use for potting is moist soil, it is in a state of moisture but not high water content. After potting, place the succulents in a place where light is scattered. Don't move around during the process, this is also very important, when it doesn't exist.

After about a week, you can water and gradually give light to the seedlings. If the soil dries out during the process of slowing down the seedlings, you can spray a little water, or give a little water along the edge of the pot to keep the soil a little bit moist. That's it.
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