Why don't your fleshy ones grow well?

Miss Chen
Why are other people's succulents
Your fleshy is just a dish, grow into a dog?
The only reason is:

The only reason is:
you! Do not! meeting! support! but! You are not to blame!
Today I will teach you some methods
Let flower friends take their own fleshy
Raise more beautifully, more beautifully!
ps: Note that the following methods are mainly for sedum succulents

Get more sun! Get more sun!
Want to be more fleshy and fatter and beautiful
The most important thing is to get more sun,
In addition to shading in summer, we need to bask in spring and autumn
The longer the drying time, the better,
It’s better to be more than 8 hours, and not to dry through the glass,
It’s the direct sunlight outside, which doesn’t work well through the glass.
Because glass blocks a lot of ultraviolet rays.
Of course, if you don’t have an open-air breeding environment at home,
Put it in the place where the light is the strongest and the longest time in the home,
show! show! show! Some scented meat,
The scent will only appear after drying!
The longer the sun is, the stronger the fragrance!

1. In summer, the sun is too violent and you can’t just dry it outdoors.
Need to shade or move indoors.
2. In winter, the outdoor temperature is lower than -3 degrees and can not be watered and dried outdoors.
Easy to frostbite,
The pot soil must be kept dry before it can be dried outside.

Water less! Water less!
Many people think that watering can make the flesh fatter
Actually it's not like this,
Too much water will only make the flesh grow higher up blindly
In this case, it will be lost.
It’s not that you can gain weight with more water,
Only after controlling the water
Let the flesh have the concept of lack of water,
Long time
Flesh will use its own leaves to store water,
The leaves will gradually thicken
But it can't be too dry,
If it is too dry, the leaves will also shrivel
So this watering must be well controlled!
In addition to the fleshy flesh that is still in the slow-rooting state,
When the root system has grown,
Generally, watering 1-2 times a month during the growing season is enough.
Pour it through every time! Water in the morning or evening!

1. The seedlings need more peat,
Because Xiao Miao’s water storage capacity is weak,
The old piles can be more granular, so that the plant type is better!
2. The growth of plants can be directly proportional to the ratio of particles,
The bigger the plant, the more particles you can add!
Watering too! Xiao Miao can not control the water!

Great temperature difference! Great temperature difference!
If you want succulents to have beautiful colors
The temperature difference is also a very important reason.
If spring and autumn
The outdoor temperature difference between morning and evening exceeds 15℃, open-air maintenance,
Within three days, the whole pot of fleshy meat will change color.
Of course, this is basically dependent on the sky,
Unless there are special conditions at home, temperature control can be carried out.
Some methods of manually controlling the temperature difference are basically not mature,
So it’s better to do the previous things well,
Your succulents must not be ugly.
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