8 DIY Miniature Christmas Fairy Garden Ideas To Make In Minutes

Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUponThese Miniature Christmas Fairy Garden Ideas are perfect for tabletop decorations or keep them near your Christmas tree.1. Christmas Fairy Garden

Gather some little Christmas items and employ them in making this Christmas themed fairy garden. Find more here.
2. Fairy Garden Pot

Combine Christmas miniatures with fairy elements to recreate this stunning fairy garden in a pot DIY. Click here for the step-by-step details.
3. Tabletop Fairy Garden

If you’ve got limited space but you to display the outdoor Christmas tree decoration indoors, consider DIYing this fairy garden by BHG. This makes for a fantastic tabletop decoration for holidays without any endeavor.
4. Miniature Mushroom Tree

Make this miniature tree to company gnomes outdoors or near a Christma tree. You only need a miniature conifer, twine, mini bucket, and mushroom ornaments.
5. Lighted Fairy Garden

Add layers of fun and joy to your festive decor with this whimsical fairy garden idea. An amazing fairy garden that emits light!
6. Snow Globe

Glitter in a mason jar, this snow globe reflects Christmas appeal with a magical touch! This project can be done in a matter of a few minutes with minimum supplies. Check it out at Garden Therapy.

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7. Miniature Terrarium Fairy Garden

Here’s an easy terrarium DIY, which you can create using Christmas and fairy ornaments. The fairy decor is evergreen and perfect for any season or festival.
8. DIY Snow Globes

Artificial snow, Christmas miniature ornaments, blue tack, fairy lights, and a glass dome are all you need to imitate this project. Get information at Lights4fun. Check out more garden globe ideas here.
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